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Jake Hill Productions
Jake Hill Productions

An International Musician in Belize

Jake has left Nashville, TN, USA, and hunkered down on an island in Belize. He has lost the desire for the hum of bus tires, the hassle of airports, and the joy of riding in vans pulling a trailer. “Rolling into ‘where are we?’ at 7 AM in the morning from a show that ended at 11 PM the night before.”

Belize, you ask? Wonderful locals and other gentle souls from all over the globe, a groove that would make the word “Chill” seem too hyper, and local fresh food make it a Home-like one could dream about. “The scenery ain’t bad, neither!”

About Jake Hill

Composer, studio engineer, vocalist, and world-class keyboard player, Jake studied piano, organ, voice, recorder, and music theory as a young boy. By the age of 12, he was performing in the company of Arthur Fiedler of the Boston Symphony, Seiji Ozawa, Michael Tilson Thomas of the Philadelphia Philharmonic, and The Boston Opera Company, to name a few.

He received scholarships from The Boston Archdiocese Choir School and The New England Conservatory of Music, attending NEC and Boston College High School at the same time, all by the age of 18. (He’s old now). Jake has performed with musicians including Steely Dan, Iron Butterfly, and Duke and the Drivers. He is known affectionately as One Take Jake!

Although retired, Jake keeps his creativity fed by the odd live performance, but mostly, it's fed by recording and producing remotely for clients as well as his own music. He's got some hidden here:
Keep an eye out for Jake doing classical concerts in Belize with Peter Illasvski: World class cellist from Austria.

Jake Hill Productions

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Thanks for visiting—listen to some tunes, read up on stuff I’ve done, or just check things out. I don’t know if everything I’ve done is online. If there’s something you’d like me to add to the stash online, let me know!


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