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Price: $10.00

A winning album—Some blues, storytelling, original run songs sure all with the flare of super vocal arrangements to the late Hugh Ferguson on Master Guitar.


      Nobody Loves Me

Price: $10.00

Stuff Plus has some additions, basically instrumental, orchestral Stuff written and performed by Jake spanning moods and emotions interpreted though the mind of Jake. All kinds of Stuff on this Cd!

Stuff Plus

Price: $10.00

After returning from India, Jake’s first session back was to re-write (fix) a 3000 year old prayer and set it to a Gregorian Chant style vocal. In addition, piano pieces recorded live during group meditations.  Truly inspired.

Moola Monks with Piano Works

Price: $10.00

Being Church Music Director for 15 years, a compilation of vocal pieces, arranged by Jake. Initially inspired to help classical organists make the transition to contemporary music, it stands alone as a wonderful section of Smokin’ Church Music

Smokin’ Church Music

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More people use this Cd as the Christmas Cd of Choice each year. Jinkle Bells was nominated for Best holiday Arrangement by Just Plain Folks award ceremony in Nashville TN, 2009. “This Cd rocks!”

Down to Earth

Price: $10.00

Quiet Christmas—A remarkably Peaceful Cd of traditional Christmas Music done on a beautiful Grand Piano as never been heard before. With a Master’s touch, and improv piano, this Cd will transcend any home or vehicle. Caution: You may relax!

Quiet Christmas

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